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Senior Community Service Employment Program

More on the Senior Community Service Employment Program

Senior Community Service Employment Program provides part-time community service work & training for Georgia's unemployed low-income seniors age 55 & older & helps them obtain paid employment.

What is the Senior Community Service Employment Program?

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) provides subsidized part-time training opportunities for eligible Georgians age 55 and older to learn skills necessary to obtain unsubsidized employment. Services may include job counseling, career development assistance, referrals to community resources, and other services delivered to each individual participant as needed.

Subsidized Training Opportunities:

Participants are compensated (minimum wage) for time spent at their training assignment sites, which are all non-profit and government agencies. Participants are allowed an average of 20 hours per week at these sites to develop marketable job skills. Other off-site training opportunities may include computer classes, classroom training at local technical schools, resume development, interview skill building, and other job-seeking skills."

"Based on each participant's goal job, individual plans are created to assist participants develop skills to be marketable in a number of occupations. Some such jobs could be teacher's assistants, child care workers, food preparation and service workers, caregivers to the frail and elderly, horticulture and outdoor landscaping workers, indoor and outdoor maintenance personnel, driving and delivery persons, retail and sales staff, receptionist and clerical work, computer operators, office administrators, customer service staff, and many, many more.

The Goal is Obtaining Paid Employment

After completing their training, participating seniors are encouraged to participate in "Job Search" to seek employment with the community agency that provided their training or by other local employers, but this is not a guarantee of the program.

Serving Every Region of the State

The Georgia Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services administers the SCSEP through contracts with select participating Area Agencies on Aging which, in turn, contract with local service providers. Three national SCSEP contractors also provide SCSEP services throughout the state: the AARP Foundation, Experience Works, and the National Council on Aging.


Local SCSEP Contact Information

To obtain a list of SCSEP providers nearest to you, you can call the Georgia Division of Human Services Division of Aging Services' toll-free statewide number below or click on the state directory displayed at the end of this page.

1-866-55-AGING (1-866-552-4464)

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